A script for solving the "clock puzzle" mini-games present in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 role-playing game
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Clock Puzzle Solver

Clock Puzzle Solver is a Python script for solving the "clock puzzle" mini-games present in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 role-playing game released by Square Enix in 2012.

The clock puzzles consist of N integers from 1 to ⌊N/2⌋ arranged in a circle. The puzzle is solved by initially picking any of the N positions in the circle. Let the integer in the chosen position be M. Now one has to choose either the number at position M positions clockwise, counter-clockwise from the previously chosen integer. The solution to the puzzle is a sequence of choices such that each integer in the circle is chosen exactly once.

Solving the clock puzzle is equivalent to finding a directed Hamiltonian path in a directed graph with N vertices, where the directed edges describe the valid moves around the circle. More precisely if the integer at position N is M, then there are directed edges to the vertices M positions clockwise, or counter-clockwise from position N.

For example in the figure below picture a) shows an example puzzle with N=6 positions labeled a-f. Starting at positions a the available moves 2 positions clockwise and counter-clockwise are to positions c or e respectively. Picture b) shows the equivalent graph with all edges corresponding to valid moves. One possible solution is the Hamiltonian path shown in c), consisting of the moves a → c → d → e → b → f.

Example puzzle

Finding a directed Hamiltonian path in a general directed graph is NP-hard. The graphs corresponding to the clock puzzles are special cases due to their structure where the outdegree of each vertex is 2 and the edges have a certain symmetry due to the clockwise/counter-clockwise movement rules. Finding a Hamiltonian path in a graph with a limited outdegree is still NP-hard, but it is unclear if the symmetricity would allow a devising a fast algorithm for solving these puzzles. In the puzzles present in the game N ranges from 5 to 13 which is sufficiently small to allow those puzzles to be easily solved by brute force.


clock_puzzle_solver VALUES


The clock_puzzle_solver script takes a list of values corresponding to integers of the puzzle circle. Each value is assigned a consecutive letter indicating its position in the ring starting with a for the first value.

The script outputs a sequence of positions corresponding to a solution to the puzzle.


clock_puzzle_solver 2 2 1 1 3 2
a → c → d → e → b → f

clock_puzzle_solver 2 2 2 4 2 2 3 3 6 4 5 3
a → k → f → h → e → g → j → b → d → l → i → c