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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<table xmlns=""
<!-- Copyright 2002, Thomas Andrews, -->
The XSL processors use this file for determining certain formatting
<auctions defaultdealer="dealer"/>
Card faces:
Note that the "short" attribute is used when placing a card
in a holding, but if there is no "short" attribute, it uses the
ID. Allows internationalization, eventually.
<card id="A">ace</card>
<card id="K">king</card>
<card id="Q">queen</card>
<card id="J">jack</card>
<card id="T" short="10">ten</card>
<card id="9">nine</card>
<card id="8">eight</card>
<card id="7">seven</card>
<card id="6">six</card>
<card id="5">five</card>
<card id="4">four</card>
<card id="3">three</card>
<card id="2">two</card>
<level id="1">One</level>
<level id="2">Two</level>
<level id="3">Three</level>
<level id="4">Four</level>
<level id="5">Five</level>
<level id="6">Six</level>
<level id="7">Seven</level>
<!-- Suits and Notrump -->
<!-- Color can only be black or red -->
<denom id="S" symbol="&#x2660;" color="black" plural="s">spade</denom>
<denom id="H" symbol="&#x2665;" color="red" plural="s">heart</denom>
<denom id="D" symbol="&#x2666;" color="red" plural="s">diamond</denom>
<denom id="C" symbol="&#x2663;" color="black" plural="s">club</denom>
<denom id="NT" symbol="NT" plural="">notrump</denom>
<denom id="N" symbol="NT" plural="">notrump</denom>
<!-- Names for various seats -->
<seatname id="W" ucase="West" lcase="west"/>
<seatname id="N" ucase="North" lcase="north"/>
<seatname id="E" ucase="East" lcase="east"/>
<seatname id="S" ucase="South" lcase="south"/>
<seatname id="dealer" ucase="Dealer" lcase="dealer"/>
<seatname id="LHO" ucase="LHO" lcase="LHO"/>
<seatname id="partner" ucase="Partner" lcase="partner"/>
<seatname id="RHO" ucase="RHO" lcase="RHO"/>
<!-- Just a dummy lookup -->
<vul id="East/West">E-W</vul>
<vul id="North/South">N-S</vul>
<vul id="E/W">E-W</vul>
<vul id="N/S">N-S</vul>
<!-- Determines which hand is to the left
based on the dealer. -->
<leftmost dealer="W" left="W" gap="0"/>
<leftmost dealer="S" left="S" gap="0"/>
<leftmost dealer="E" left="W" gap="2"/>
<leftmost dealer="N" left="W" gap="1"/>
<!-- default case -->
<leftmost dealer="dealer" left="dealer" gap="0"/>
<!-- Info about non-bid calls -->
<call id="P">
<context id="inline">P</context>
<context id="default">Pass</context>
<context id="word">Pass</context>
<call id="?">
<context id="default">?</context>
<call id="X">
<context id="word">Double</context>
<context id="inline">X</context>
<context id="contract">x</context>
<context id="default">Dbl</context>
<contractModifier id="XX">redoubled</contractModifier>
<contractModifier id="X">doubled</contractModifier>
<call id="XX">
<context id="word">Redouble</context>
<context id="inline">XX</context>
<context id="contract">xx</context>
<context id="default">Rdbl</context>
<!-- All stuff afterwards is internal stuff - do not change -->
<bridge:call code="_empty_"/>
<bridge:call code="_empty_"/>
<bridge:call code="_empty_"/>
<bridge:call code="_empty_"/>
<!-- This is a dummy call, replacing four-pass auctions -->
<call id="_PO_">
<bridge:call code="_PO_"/>
<context id="default">Pass Out</context>
<!-- This is a dummy call, replacing the last three passes in an auction -->
<call id="_AP_">
<bridge:call code="_AP_"/> <!-- For addition to ends of auctions -->
<context id="short">AP</context>
<context id="default">All Pass</context>
<call id="_empty_">
<bridge:call code="_empty_"/> <!-- For addition to ends of auctions -->
<context id="short"></context>
<context id="default"></context>
<call id="_skip_">
<bridge:call code="_skip_"/>
<context id="default">&#x2014;</context>
<case dealer="E" hands="NS"/>
<case dealer="W" hands="NS"/>
<case dealer="N" hands="EW"/>
<case dealer="S" hands="EW"/>
<showbid show="optional"/><showbid/>
<showbid show="optional"/><showbid/>
<case dealer="N" hands="NS"/>
<case dealer="S" hands="NS"/>
<case dealer="E" hands="EW"/>
<case dealer="W" hands="EW"/>
<showbid/><showbid show="optional"/>
<showbid/><showbid show="optional"/>
<bidding hands="all">
Seats, in order. When auction starts with seat 'N', XSL finds
the seat in this set which patches 'N' and takes it and the next
three to represent the bidding order.
<seat id="W"/>
<seat id="N"/>
<seat id="E"/>
<seat id="S"/>
<seat id="W"/>
<seat id="N"/>
<seat id="E"/>
<seat id="dealer"/>
<seat id="LHO"/>
<seat id="partner"/>
<seat id="RHO"/>