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ORCS is an analysis engine for SITELLE spectral cubes.
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ORCS (Outils de Réduction de Cubes Spectraux) is an analysis engine for SITELLE spectral cubes. With ORCS you can:

  • extract integrated spectra

  • fit the sinc emission lines

  • recalibrate your data in wavelength, astrometry and flux

  • choose between a Bayesian or a classical fitting algorithm

  • and much more ...

warning ORCS is always in fast development. You might see bugs or strange behaviours ! You might also want desperatly to have new features. In all cases please send an email:


You can find the up-to-date documentation here:


Examples in Jupyter notebook format can be found in the documentation:

First basic examples

These examples show the basic usage of ORCS

Bayesian fitting vs. classical fitting

Here are more advanced examples that show step-by-step the differences between a classical fit and a Bayesian fit on a model spectrum. You will thus first learn how to model a spectrum and then fit a model spectrum with one line, two resolved lines and two unresolved lines: this is when the bayesian fitting algorithm becomes intersting ;)

Calibrating your data

A data cube can be recalibrated using mode specific algorithm which depends on the type of data you have observed. You might want to give a try to these examples to see if you can get a better calibration for your data.

Advanced fitting

These examples show advanced fitting procedures.

Other Tools

Related Publications


1. install ORB

Follow the installation instructions here

2. add orcs module

clone ORCS

mkdir orcs-stable # do it where you want to put orcs files
cd orcs-stable
git clone

in the downloaded folder

conda activate orb # you don't need to do it if you are already in the orb environment
cd path/to/orcs-stable/orcs
python install

Test it:

conda activate orb # you don't need to do it if you are already in the orb environment
python -c 'import orcs.process'
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