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gganimate (development version)

  • Fix a bug when creating labels from aesthetics that include glue expressions (#422)
  • Fix a bug in ffmpeg detection (#346, @rfaelens, #360, @adamdsmith)
  • Remove plyr dependency
  • Fix a bug in transition_filter() in the presence of NA filter values (#404, @rsaporta)
  • Fix a bug with static layers that include position adjustments (#418)
  • Fix a bug in transition_time() where multiple time values in the same frame would lead to unexpected stacking of the data (#414)
  • Fix a bug in transition_reveal() where coinciding tweens would result in wrong direction of the arrow (#409)
  • Fix a bug in transition_layer() when the last layer had an exit duration (#384)
  • Fix a bug in transition_time() when facets had data with different starting time (#357)
  • Make sure exclude_layer in view_*() is taken into account
  • Fix a bug when using a view with coord_flip() which would result in weird flickering and movement of the position guies (#336)
  • Fix a bug in transition_reveal() that would require input to be ordered along the time dimension for point-like geoms (#323)
  • Fix a bug in view_follow() that would result in errors when used with discrete scales (#304)
  • Fix bug in transition_states() where too few frames relative to states in combination with wrap = FALSE would cause an error (#301)
  • Fix a bug in transition_time() when the time dimension contained NA values (#307)

gganimate 1.0.7

  • Support ragg png device to ensure that it works with knitr's ragg support

gganimate 1.0.6

gganimate 1.0.5

  • No longer needs the png package for gifski rendering
  • Give startup message if no renderer backend are detected.

gganimate 1.0.4

  • Fix a bug in ffmpeg_renderer() where the fps argument were being ignored.
  • Make sure ggraph objects registers the graph context after they are promoted to gganim objects.
  • Better fallback strategy for lack of gifski.

gganimate 1.0.3

  • Fix a conditional in the plot building step to make it work with the ggplot2 3.1.1 hotfix.

gganimate 1.0.2

  • Fix registration of S3 methods for suggested packages.

gganimate 1.0.1

  • Fix bug in transitions when the group aesthetic was late evalued (#262)
  • Better fade support for geom_smooth(). Both ribbon and line will now fade.
  • Fix bug in transitions when group aesthetic was a string that could be interpreted as a double (#266)
  • Fix bug in shadow_mark() where future shadows were drawn above the main frame data.
  • Better error messages when a layer type is not supported by the transition
  • Fix bug where transitions didn't work with difftime/hms for specifying durations when transition variable was a POSIX or date class.
  • Fix bug where using a view would modify the plot coordinate system in-place, resulting in modifications to the original plot object.
  • view_follow now works with transformed scales.

gganimate 1.0.0

  • First CRAN release, featuring a complete rewrite... Too much stuff to put in a changelog