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patchwork (development version)

  • Use vdiffr conditionally to pass test on M1 mac
  • Add str() method to patchwork objects (#217)
  • Fix a bug in inset_element() when insetting plots with fixed dimensions (#214)
  • Make sure that -, /, and | works with all supported object types (#221)

patchwork 1.1.0

  • Add inset_element() to allow adding plots as insets
  • patchwork now supports raster and nativeRaster objects
  • Avoid incrementing tag counter when recursing into a nested plot without additional tags to use (#147)
  • Fix bug that prevented strips turned off with element_blank() from working (#200)
  • Add option to supply a custom sequence of tags to use for auto-tagging (#211, #63)

patchwork 1.0.1

  • Renaming of align_plots() to align_patches() to avoid namespace clash with cowplot (#130)
  • Renaming of as_grob() (unexported) to as_patch() to avoid potential future namespace clash with cowplot (#131)
  • Fix bug in plot simplification with theme(strip.placement = 'outside') (#132)
  • Fix a bug in guide collection in R >= 4.0 due to the new unit implementation in grid (#170)
  • Collected guides now behave as ggplot2 guides when position is top or bottom (#137)
  • Fix a bug in base graphic support where the environment of the plot was not captured (#138)
  • Fix a bug when combining plots having guides placed manually in combination with faceting (#144)
  • Fix a bug where having negative margins around the legend would result in an unintelligeble error (#148)
  • Fix a bug when trying to combine faceted plots with fixed aspect ratio (#156)
  • Fix alignments of strips when only a single strip is present (#163)
  • Fix a bug that caused theme void to result in errors (#180)
  • Make aligning multiple fixed aspect plots more consistent (#175)
  • Correct alignment of guides when ssembling fixed aspect plots (#140, @ilia-kats)

patchwork 1.0.0

  • First CRAN release. Provide utility and operators for assembling and nesting plots into a composition, tag subplots, collect guides and remove duplicates, and align plots across pages.