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redox commented Nov 5, 2013

Hi Thomas,

I've discovered your website on HN; that's totally awesome! I can't count the number of times I open my browser on or to find an icon. That's just what all developers need :)

I took the liberty of forking your project to plug Algolia's Search API and provide a better search experience. To achieve that, I've created a free Algolia ( account for you (I'll send you the credentials privately).

New features includes:

  • a typeahead.js based search field auto-completion
  • highlighting
  • typo-tolerance
  • matching fields priority (matching on the name is better than matching on the tags)

I tried to follow your coding conventions and project architecture. (more details in the commit logs)

I hope you'll like it !

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redox added some commits Nov 5, 2013
@redox redox Ignore jekyll's _site directory b28e653
@redox redox Plug Algolia's Search API (auto-complete + instant-search)
 - What's new ?
   - typeahead.js-based search input (auto-completion)
   - highlighting
   - typo-tolerance (both in instant-search and auto-completion)
 - Push datas to Algolia's indexing server ?
   - ```grunt``` generates ```batch.json``` from ```bath.handlebars```
   - ```grunt index-icons --apikey PERSONAL_API_KEY``` pushes ```batch.json```
 - Enjoy it !

Hey Sylvain. First off, wow! Thanks for your pull request and setting me up with an Algolia account. Lots of awesomeness here. Here are my thoughts.

  • Typeahead and auto-completion: These are well done, but I don't think are a good fit here. The dropdown fills a similar role to the filtered results and competes with it for attention. Auto-complete pushes the user down the path of finding a single result (by suggesting a full class name), but I see GlyphSearch as useful for browsing and comparing multiple icons, and this can be quite distracting for that. Can you remove these from the PR?
  • Highlighting: I really like this feature, and the addition of tags. Before, it wasn't clear why a query matched certain icons. Definitely keep this one.
  • Typo tolerance: Great.
  • Matching field priority: Great.
  • Order: Can we keep the icons alphabetical when no query is made? This gives much needed order to the icons when browsing.
  • Style: What was the reason for removing the span classes and increasing the font size? Is it to accommodate the tags underneath the icons now too? I thought the previous size was a good tradeoff between giving the icons visibility and density.

Thanks in advance. Can't wait to see these features go live!

@redox redox Removed typeahead.js-based auto-complete (quite useless).
Restore responsive .entry-related classes.
Keep the alphabetical order when the query is empty.
redox commented Nov 6, 2013

Hey Thomas. I removed the typeahead stuff; you're right about the fit, wasn't improving anything. I added the alphabetical sort on empty queries and restored the responsive classes + font-size on the .entry elements (don't even remember why I removed them, probably a test :p)

You're really welcome !

@thomaspark thomaspark merged commit 693394e into thomaspark:gh-pages Nov 6, 2013

Merged. Gave you and Algolia props in the readme/footer. Cheers!

@redox redox deleted the algolia:algolia branch Nov 16, 2013
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