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Toolbox is a collection of utilities / utility classes in Ruby, PHP, Javascript. It provides standard tools that can be included in various projects, like loggers, converters, database abstractions…

Current content

  • jQueryDoubleMetaphone
    - the DoubleMetaphone algorithm in javascript/jQuery
  • jQueryInfoBox
    - shows an info box for title attributes on matched elements
  • jQueryLiveQuery
    - filter a list of items
  • jQueryPositionIndicator
    - indicate position in a long html document
  • jQueryPageStreamer
    - enables endless page through streaming new content
  • jQuerySuggest
    - suggest entries in a search field with a fixed term list
  • jQueryTextHighlight
    - highlight terms in HTML document
  • jQueryPluginTemplate
    - template for jQuery plugin development
  • Emerald
    - creates a gem default directory structure
  • FancyLog
    - a wrapper for the standard ruby logger
  • JigSaw
    – an all in one config/options handler | currently under development (see jig_saw branch)
  • MVC_autoload
    – basic class autoload algorithm for a MVC architecture
  • Textile2html
    - a command line wrapper for RedCloth to convert textile files to html


  • PHP Logger
  • Database abstraction in ruby and php