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Fork of cheapies mail mod
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Mail mod for Minetest

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This is a fork of cheapies mail mod

It adds a mail-system that allows players to send each other messages in-game and via webmail (optional)



Ingame mail



In-game mail mod

Install it like any other mod: copy the directory to your "worldmods" folder


The webmail component runs as webservice and provides the api for the minetest server and the website for the webmail componentc


  • node and npm (on ubuntu: apt install nodejs npm)

To install and run the webmail server:

  • Copy the "webmail" folder to your desired location (or keep it where it is)
  • Change to the webmail directory: (cd ./webmail)
  • run "npm install" to install the node dependencies
  • generate a secret key for yourself, can be anything string-like, i suggest one from
  • Edit the "" file and insert the secret key in place of "myserverkey"
  • run "./"

To set up your minetest installation to communicate with the webmail server, edit your "minetest.conf":

# enable curl/http on that mod
secure.http_mods = mail
# the url to the webmail server
webmail.url =
# the secret key previously generated (same as in "webmail/")
webmail.key = myserverkey

# optionally, if you have xban2 and don't want banned users to login:
webmail.disallow_banned_players = true


To access your mail click on the inventory mail button or use the "/mail" command Mails can be deleted, marked as read or unread, replied to and forwarded to another player


  • None


My current roadmap:

  • Enhance ingame UI
  • Better ingame notification
  • Enhance webmail component
  • Allow sending attachments


Let me know if there are any (there are for sure:)


See the "LICENSE" file



  • Cheapie (initial idea/project)
  • Rubenwardy (lua/ui improvements)

Old/Historic stuff

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