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Admin interface for MongoDB built using Django and Bootstrap. Features a JSON editor written in JavaScript that supports nested JSON objects.
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Getting started

Make sure you have the following packages installed:

  • Django 1.4
  • mongo-python-driver

Make a copy the included default project settings:

cp mongoadmin_project/ mongoadmin_project/

Create a database for Django (by default, it is a MySQL database called mongoadmin, but you can change it in DATABASES in the settings). This database is required to store sessions or to save database connection details.

Fill in SECRET_KEY (can be any random string) in the file that you created.

Create SQL database tables:

python syncdb

Run the server:

python runserver

Go to and connect to your Mongo database.



Ideas for further development

  • Connecting: Store favorites, support for SSH tunnels
  • Collection view: Ability to store filters / views
  • Support for indexes, etc.
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