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#!/bin/bash -e
## Fix submodules: make sure all submodules
## are checked out correctly
## read input, display help if necessary
if [[ "$@" == *--help* ]]; then
Fix submodules
This command updates and initializes all submodules.
Orphaned submodule directories are removed if they are clean. The
HEADs of submodules are attached if necessary and possible.
git fix-submodules [--skip-checks]
--skip-checks: skip safety checks
exit 0;
## ensure we are in the toplevel directory
cdup=$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel) &&
cd "$cdup" || {
echo >&2 "Cannot chdir to $cdup, the toplevel of the working tree"
exit 1
## continue only if there are submodules
if [ -f .gitmodules ]; then
## check for modified content and uncommitted changes
if [[ "$@" != *--skip-checks* ]]; then
git check-clean || exit 1
## remove orphaned submodule directories
git rm-orphaned-submodule-dirs || exit 1
## update / initialize submodules
git submodule --quiet update --init || exit 1
## do the same for the submodules
#git submodule --quiet foreach git fix-submodules "$@"
CMD='cd "$1"; git fix-submodules '"$@"
git submodule --quiet foreach 'echo "$toplevel/$path"' |
xargs -r -n1 -P5 bash -c "$CMD" xargs
## attach heads if possible
#git submodule --quiet foreach git attach-head
git submodule --quiet foreach 'echo "$toplevel/$path"' |
xargs -r -n1 -P5 bash -c 'cd "$1"; git attach-head' xargs