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#!/bin/bash -e
## Do a recursive pull
## check for unclean folders
## and unpushed changes, since this might cause trouble
## if there are such changes, you have to do it by hand
## e.g., merge the where there are local and remote changes
## read input, display help if necessary
if [[ "$@" == *--help* ]]; then
Recursive pull
This command executes a git-pull and then updates all submodules.
Orphaned submodule directories are removed if they are clean. The
HEADs of submodules are attached if necessary and possible.
Executes git-rfetch to download possibly existing updates for
git rpull ...
...: same arguments as git pull
exit 0;
## check for modified content and uncommitted changes
git check-clean --ignore-submodules=untracked --unstaged --uncommitted --unmerged || exit 1
## check for untracked files
if ! git check-clean --untracked --unstaged --exit-code; then
cat >&2 <<EOF
Error: Untracked files in submodules. Add them to .gitignore
in the respective submodules or remove them.
Use "git status" to see where they are.
exit 1
## ensure that we are in the toplevel directory
cdup=$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel) &&
cd "$cdup" || {
echo >&2 "Cannot chdir to $cdup, the toplevel of the working tree"
exit 1
## check for unpushed commits in submodules
if [ -f .gitmodules ]; then
#unpushed=`git submodule --quiet foreach --recursive git check-unpushed -p`
unpushed=`git submodule --quiet foreach --recursive 'echo "$toplevel/$path"' | xargs -r -n1 -P5 bash -c 'cd "$1"; git check-unpushed -p' xargs`
if [[ "$unpushed" != "" ]]; then
cat >&2 <<EOF
Error: Unpushed commits in submodules.
Try "git rpush" followed by another "git rpull". If that fails,
push them one-by-one before pulling again.
This safety measure ensures that no commits get lost.
exit 1
## git check-unpushed # no need to check in master
## do the pull
git pull "$@" || exit 1
if [ -f .gitmodules ]; then
## fix submodules
git fix-submodules --skip-checks
## fetch changes in submodules
## this is necessary since if the submodule commit did not change
## in the super rep., then the submodule is not updated.
## rfetch does this
git rfetch
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