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gtd (command line client):
- add authentication support to replication
- allow specifying username/password for remote host, parse it properly,
without displaying it
- allow asking for password of localhost
- don't use httplib for adding replication; add it to paisley.
- integrate paisley's use of logging with our logging
- convert all commands to using getNewServer()
- parse search lines and apply filters in most useful order
- Figure out what to do with docs without start date - maybe we have a bug
introducing these ?
- add something to create the database first time
maemo-mushin (maemo GUI):
- any exception from any gobject callback needs to be handled somehow with
a dialog, to inform the user
- why does by-projects view also emit date in key ?
- new dialog:
- no way to unset project/flag/... done does not click
- when completing a task, you go back to a list view where that task is still
in there because it was not updated
- when completing a recurring task, the thing gets a new revision that should
be gotten from couchdb, so that the next update on the same thing does not
- instead of getting the view of all projects on opening a task, keep it around
and parse change notifications
- by-*: agree on whether they list open or closed things
- decide on flags versus statuses
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