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mind like water
from yagtd:
- general
- lists
- contexts
- deadlines
- la/listall
- list/ls
- listpri/sort
- listref/lr
- order
- overdue
- search
- searchall
- status/summary
- manipulate
- add
- archive (archives completed tasks)
- load
- print (outputs .rst file)
- save
- on a task (id as first arg)
- flags
- waitingfor
- maybe/someday
- set properties
- complete
- due # date (wrong in yagtd help, # is missing)
- end # date (same bug)
- importance
- recurrence
- start (same bug)
- time
- urgency
- manipulate
- append
- modify (diff with append not clear)
- close/done
- del/rm
- edit
- extend/notes (adds to title, not description)
- ref
- replace/sub
- show
couchdb part:
- for normal couchdb:
couchapp push couchdb mushin http://thomas:pass@localhost:5984/mushin/
- couchdb is the local directory containing the code
- mushin is the design document name in the database
- url is the url to mushin on couchdb
(with newer couchapp)
couchapp push --docid _design/mushin couchdb http://thomas:pass@localhost:5984/mushin/
- for hoodie:
couchapp push --docid _design/mushin couchdb http://admin:$PASSWORD@localhost:6006/user%2Fxbnjwxg/
- where to store .js code that you want to use both server-side and
client-side ? For example, date.js and its setRFC3339 function.
e.g. http://localhost:5984/mushin/_design/mushin/jquery.mushin.js
is stored at couchdb/_attachments/jquery.mushin.js
e.g. http://localhost:5984/mushin/_design/mushin/vendor/couchapp/jquery.couchapp.js
is stored at couchdb/vendor/couchapp/_attachments/jquery.couchapp.js
For now, we created a symlink
program flow
calls mushin.maemo.main.main
creates mushin.maemo.start.StartWindow()
uses object
error handling
- queryView can get a 404 errback; how to handle this ?
command line testing
as interpreter:
search U:5
edit ...
as command
flow of command handling
Main program
gtd calls main.main
does not know about reactors or deferreds
does not know whether there are subcommands or not
exits with the return value from main.main
instantiates the root GTD command
invokes c.parse(argv)
does not know about reactors or deferreds
does not know whether there are subcommands or not
the return value from c.parse if ok
255 if exception
parses the args
dispatches to subcommand's parse if there are args
or dispatches to do if there aren't
- leave admin party mode; create admin user
- set up paisleycmd
- add user
paisley user add thomas
- limit your mushin database to that user
paisley -D mushin -A admin security add thomas
- set that user as an admin too
paisley -D mushin -A admin security add -p admin thomas
To run against a local
- GTD_DEBUG=5 bin/gtd -P 6006 -D user/xbnjwxg -u user/ search U:5
To run against a local couchdb replicating from a remote
- make sure your local couchdb db is named user/... so mushin can
know it's hoodie-like to generate the proper id's
- if no local authentication:
GTD_DEBUG=5 bin/gtd -P 5984 -D user/xbnjwxg search U:5
- if same authentication is set up:
GTD_DEBUG=5 bin/gtd -P 5984 -D user/xbnjwxg -u user/ search U:5
To run against the remote
GTD_DEBUG=5 bin/gtd -P 5986 -D user/xbnjwxg -u user/ search U:5
- in couchdb docs:
- any key can be non-existent; e.g. mushin-hoodie does not store contexts
if they're not there
- how to treat a 'null' value? equivalent to not there?
- empty string value ''
- in python model mapping?
- code suggestions
- in python: use getattr with a default empty value