This is a fork from the master repository. Ignore all my branches with int-, they are for integration use only. I do feature- branches for feature development and later proposal for merging.
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Implements the CouchDB API for twisted.

Release Notes v0.3


  • Added support for CouchDB 1.1.0.
  • Added test cases against real CouchDB instance.
  • Upgraded client interface to reflect CouchDB API changes (count -> limit). The changes occurred in CouchDB 0.8 -> 0.9.
  • Tests will run even if the admin party is closed in the system-wide couchdb configuration
  • Added CouchDB authentication support (supply username and password args when instantiating)
  • Re-factored underlying HTTP transport to use Twisted Web Agent (will allow connection pooling in the future).
  • Re-factored code into formal Python package. API compatible with old package layout.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed attachment handling so it returns the attachment instead of the owning document (dwb)

Release Notes (0.1->0.2)

  • Updated CouchDB support up to version CouchDB 1.0.1

Known issues

  • Doesn't keep connections alive between requests.


This isn't under heavy maintenance by me, I only use a subset of the functionality and wrap the rest away in a non-portable internal library. Please fork and make it better.

For David's initial repo, see David has asked me to make github the official repo since we're actively keeping it up with CouchDB version bumps.

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