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Version 0.8.19 - 8 January 2011
* Add support for Python 2.7
* Fixed SF Bug [ 2209631 ]:
New module, modulePath code causes import error
* Fixed SF Bug [ 1565876 ]:
pychecker does not allow lambda with setattr and const
* Fixed SF Bug [ 1564614 ]:
pychecker -q on 64-bit ignores the platform-specific stdlib
* Fixed SF Bug [ 1563572 ]:
order of checking files affects errors reported
PyChecker was only checking one of each set of modules with the same
name; so it will now catch many more warnings it was missing before.
* Fixed SF Bug [ 1563495 ]:
couldn't find real module does not respect blacklist
* Fixed SF Bug [ 1563494 ]:
pychecker tracebacks when importing zope.interface.declaration
* Add unittest-based testsuite.
* Warn about missing opcodes.
* Added implementations for the following opcodes:
Version 0.8.18 - 17 August 2008
* Fixed SF Bug [ 1827412 ] pychecker.bat only handles 9 cmdline args
* Fix warning about comparison checking with bool false alert for 'in' and 'not in'
* Add warning for using __set__, __get__, and __delete__ in an old-style class
* Fix spurious warning about __set__, __get__, and __delete__ not being special
* Fix inability to disable Warning about constant setattr()/getattr()
* Fix spurious warning on min/max not accepting kwarg of key in Python 2.5
* Add some __special__ pickling methods that were missing
* Add --missingattrs option to ignore some (but not all) attribute names
* Fix crash when using keyword arguments with builtin methods
* Add --keepgoing option to ignore import errors
* Add --findevil option to make it easier to find objects that crash the interpreter
* Add support for Python 2.5
Version 0.8.17 - 3 February 2006
* Fix spurious warning for Statement with no effect using bit shifts
* Add -#/--limit command line option to set the max # of warnings to show
* Remove broken command line options: -e/--errors, --complexity
* Add -e/--level command line options which allows the error level
to be specified: error, security, warning, unused, deprecated, style.
These names map to numbers: 90, 90, 70, 50, 40, 10 (error == security).
Specifying a value means all levels equal to or greater than it.
* Add --only option which displays warnings only for files specified
on the command line
* Add --evil option for users to prevent the interpreter from crashing
due to broken C extensions
* Fix wrong file name when warning about returning values from
__init__ functions. (#1291116)
* Fix a few more glitches with
* Suppress warning about integer division when the code is: int(x / y)
* Add code to skip testing objects from extension modules that are
known to crash the interpreter. Currently, the list includes old versions of
matplotlib.axes.BinOpType and wx.TheClipboard.
* Support ROT_THREE and ROT_FOUR opcodes
Version 0.8.16 - 4 September 2005
* Fix problems installing on Windows and running build
Version 0.8.15 - 31 August 2005
* Fix spurious warning about catching string exceptions
* Don't barf if there is # -*- encoding: ... -*- lines and unicode strings
* was rewritten to honor --root, --home, etc options
* Fix internal error on processing nested scopes
* Fix constant tuples in Python 2.4
* Don't warn about implicit/explicit returns in Python 2.4, we can't tell
* Fix crash when __slots__ was an instance w/o __len__
* Fix bug that declared {}.pop to only take one argument, it takes 1 or 2
* Fix spurious warning when using tuples for exceptions
* Fix spurious warning <stack> / <stack>
* Fix spurious warnings for sets module about __cmp__, __hash__
* Changed abstract check to require raising NotImplementedError
rather than raising any error
* Fix spurious warnings in Python 2.4 for Using is (not) None warnings
* Fix spurious warnings for some instances of No class attribute found
* Fix spurious warnings for implicit returns when using nested functions
Version 0.8.14 - 6 June 2004
* Fix spurious warning in Python 2.3+ when doing a,b = 1,2
* Add warning to check for "if s.find(str):"
this should be "if s.find(str) >= 0:" when s is a string
* Fix spurious warning when using augmented assignment (e.g., x += x)
* Fix spurious warning when doing x = not x
* Fix spurious warning for invalid arg count when calling a staticmethod
* Fix spurious warning for setting a variable to itself when: x, y, z = x
* Fix spurious warning when doing some binary operations: self.a ^ self.b
* Fix crash in STORE_ATTR with some list comprehensions in Python 2.2
e.g., a.a = [x for x in range(2) if x > 1]
* Support Tk 8.4 and above in the GUI (change col= to column=)
Version 0.8.13 - 18 November 2003
* Add -s/--shadowbuiltin option to warn when overriding a builtin
* Add warning when assigning a variable to itself
* Add warning when dividing a variable by itself
* Add warnings when using a bit-wise operator with the same variable (a & a)
* Add warning when passing a constant string to getattr()/setattr()
* Add --special option to check for __special__ (reserved) method names
and that their signature (argument count) is correct
* Add warning for using __getattribute__ in an old-style class
* Suppress 'self as first argument' warning for static and class methods
* Add --classmethodargs option to specify first argument name
for class methods
Version 0.8.12 - 23 December 2002
* Add --isliteral option to warn when using is/is not against literal
(e.g., XXX is 5 YYY is not 'abcdef', etc)
* Add --modulo1 option to warn when using (expr % 1),
which is constant when expr is an integer or string
* Add -4/--noeffect option to disable warnings for 'Statement has no effect'
* self is not first argument warning can be disabled with -S/--self ''
* Don't print duplicate warnings when importing pychecker
* Fix other spurious warnings when importing pychecker
* Fix bug for spurious invalid arguments when passing a dict inline
* Fix bug for spurious Statement has no effect when print >> x, ... ,
* Add @option_file command line argument to read options from a file
(used on platforms which can't have too many options, ie Windows)
* Fix several crashes
* Line numbers should be close for Python 2.3 and if run on optimized code
Version 0.8.11 - 06 June 2002
* Improve error message for syntax errors from user files
* Fix pychecker.bat so it should work now
* Add a warning for using __coerce__ in new-style classes
* Add --deprecated option for using deprecated modules or functions
* Add a warning for using functions with security problems (os.t[e]mpnam)
* Add a warning for comparing against True/False or defining True/False
* Add --badexcept option to warn when using string exceptions or
classes not derived from Exception to raise/catch exceptions
* Fix spurious warnings from using (test and 'true' or 'false)
Version 0.8.10 - 20 March 2002
* Add --unpack option to warn when unpacking a non-sequence
* Add --unpacklen option to warn when unpacking sequence of wrong size
* Add --changetypes option to warn when setting a variable to different types
* Add --stringiter option to warn when iterating over a string
* Add --input option to warn when using input()
* Fix crash with checking properties or deriving from objects (2.2 only)
* Fix crash with nested scopes and lambdas
* Fix spurious warnings for constant conditionals when using ('%s' % value)
* Fix spurious warnings for unused identifiers caused by from XXX import *
* Add more information when module cannot be imported
* Fix spurious warnings for implicit returns when using while 1:
* Fix spurious warnings for implicit returns when using try/finally:
* Fix spurious warning with globals that start w/__
* Fix spurious warnings for modifying default arguments
when calling {}.get(), {}.has_key(), [].index(), [].count(), etc.
* Fix spurious warnings in Python 1.5.2 when using from/import
Version 0.8.9 - 02 February 2002
* Add -3/--properties warning when using properties with classic classes
* Add more warnings for statements with no effect
* Fix crash due to import module problems
* Fix crash with nested scopes
* Fix spurious warnings about module attributes and importing
* Fix spurious warnings in Python 2.2 when using builtin classes (eg, socket)
* Fix spurious warning for format string problem when using % at module scope
* Fix spurious warning for implicit returns when doing while 1:
* Fix spurious warning for inconsistent return types
when objects are subclasses
* Don't warn about inconsistent return types from __getattr[ibute]__
* Always assume readline module is used if input/raw_input is used
Version 0.8.8 - 13 January 2002
* Add -F/--config option to specify pycheckrc file to use
Always read $HOME/.pycheckrc, .pycheckrc, and -F options in that order
* Add -0/--abstract option to warn that subclass should override
a base class whose method(s) only raise exceptions
* Add -6/--exec option to warn when using the exec statement
* Add -7/--slots option to warn about __slots__ usage problems
* Add --emptyslots option to warn about empty __slots__
* Add check if __getattr[ibute]__ returns None, should raise an exception
* Allow pychecker to be imported (in your code do: import pychecker.check)
* Using vars() for format string argument works like locals()
* Make unusedNames a prefix, so emptyVal, unusedVal, etc are also ignored
* Fix -a/--initattr warning to actually warn when attributes
are set outside of __init__(), but not in __init__()
* Fix case where an implicit return did not generate a warning
* Fix spurious warnings when using nested scopes, code should be checked now
* Fix spurious warnings for unreachable code (not enough to enable, yet)
* Fix spurious warnings for integer division from: (x + 100.0) / 10
* Fix spurious warnings for implicit returns when raise in except: clause
* Fix various spurious warnings when using Python 2.2
* Fix spurious warning for overridden method mismatch when using exec
* Fix spurious warning when doing len(filter(lambda x: ..., ...))
* Fix spurious warnings from some from ... import ... and deriving classes
Version 0.8.7 - 05 January 2002
* Add -2/--constcond option to warn if using a constant
in a conditional statement (if '': ; while 'str': ; etc)
* Add -1/--constant1 option to warn when using if 1: or while 1: etc.
* Add -8/--unreachable option to warn about unreachable code
* Add -9/--members option to warn about unused data members
* Add -w/--shadow for local variable shadowing global variable
* Add warning statements with no effect (load var, but do nothing)
* Handle string multiplication (helps format strings)
code like this doesn't generate a warning now: '%d ' * 3 % (1, 2, 3)
* Fix -C/--implicitreturns option so it works, turn it on by default
* Fix spurious warning when accessing 'static' class members that are methods
(e.g. class C(B): __super_init = B.__init__) (still a problem w/2.2)
* Fix some strange spurious warnings and exceptions
* Handle nested scopes better, includes fixing a crash and
eliminating some spurious warnings
Version 0.8.6 - 16 November 2001
* Add -5/--maxrefs for maximum # of identifier references (Law of Demeter)
* Fix problem where user defined classes weren't checked for valid attributes
* Allow use of __pychecker__ in class scope
* Fix a lot of global function arg counts for Python 2.2
(many constructors can take no arguments now)
* Fix spurious warning (Function return types are inconsistent)
when multiple returns w/a constant & a local variable of same type
* Fix spurious warning for format strings when using a dict local variable
* Rename script to pychecker on Unix
Version 0.8.5 - 17 October 2001
* Add check for using builtin function/method const (None) return value
(e.g., not_a_new_list = [].sort())
* Add check for builtin object method calls for right # args
(e.g., [].count(), {}.keys(),
* Add check for object method calls for right # args
(calling object when type is known, ie instatiated locally)
* Add check for modifying a parameter that has a default value
(e.g., def func(mutable = []): mutable.append(0))
* Add check for using future keywords (e.g., yield)
* Add check for using unary positive on variables (e.g., +x)
* Add check for recursive calls to __repr__ implementations (`self`)
* Add -X/--reimport option to turn off various module reimport warnings
* Add -V/--version option for printing PyChecker version
* Fix some spurious warnings for inconsistent return value types
* Fix spurious warning from calling functions like: zip(*args)
* Fix -F/--rcfile option so it really works
Version 0.8.4 - 24 September 2001
* Allow warning suppressions to be specified as regular expressions
* Add -z/--no-varargsused to ignore *args for functions w/variable args
* Add warning checks when deleting variables
* Add check for except Error1, Error2 : # should be except (Error1, Error2) :
* Fix spurious warning when using parameter as dict for format string
* Fix spurious warning when using lambda in __init__
* Add check that pychecker/ is same version as other files
* Get to work on windows, etc. if don't have /tmp
Version 0.8.3 - 12 August 2001
* Fix internal errors when doing % on non-strings and other format problems
* Fix spurious warning when using a constant {} with a format mapping
Version 0.8.2 - 12 August 2001
* Check format strings even if using global & local constants
* Add check that [].append() only takes one argument
* Add check that # parameters are correct for builtin functions
* Add warnings for --, ++, ~~:
"Operator (%s) doesn't exist, statement has no effect"
* Add -Q/--quiet to be real quiet, only output warning msgs, nothing else
* Add -y/--classattr config option (warning was not configurable before)
(warn if class attribute doesn't exist)
* Add -x/--miximport config option (warning was not configurable before)
(warn if mixing: import/from ... import)
* Add -u/--callinit config option (warning was not configurable before)
(warn if Subclass.__init__() not called)
* Add constants together on stack when get + to avoid some spurious warnings
* Fix method and attribute checks for None and Ellipsis
* Fix spurious warnings when doing a local import and use module in lambda
* Fix spurious warnings when object attribute has same name as class
* Fix Object (x) has no attribute warnings for Python 2.2a1 built-in types
* Change default behaviour to not warn about missing doc strings
Version 0.8.1 - 9 August 2001
* Fix internal error when referencing a list constant: [1,2,3][1]
* Fix internal error for Python 1.5 not catching unicode syntax error
* Fix deprecation warning for Python 2.2a1 with xrange
* Fix spurious warning (No module attribute) when doing import x.y as y
* Fix spurious warning (Base __init__() not called) when using *args or **kw
* Fix 'No module attribute' warning when doing: import as bar
* Spell overridden write
Version 0.8 - 6 August 2001
* Add check for accessing list as list[1,2], should be slice 1:2
* Add -J/maxargs to warn when using too many arguments
* Add -K/maxlocals to warn when using too many local variables
* Add -D/intdivide to warn when using integer division
* Add -O/objattrs to warn when using object.attribute that doesn't exist
* Add -M/reimportself to warn when a module imports itself
* Add -E/unusednames to provide a list of unused names to ignore
(default is: [ '_', 'empty', 'unused' ])
* Major refactoring of -> utils, msgs, Warning, CodeChecks
* Fix spurious warnings for No class attribute for dynamic classes
* Fix spurious warnings when using objects from blacklisted modules
(Instantiating object with arguments, but no constructor, etc)
* Fix spurious warnings when using lambdas
* Fix spurious warning (No global Y) when using: from X import Y
(problem in python 1.5/1.6 only)
Version 0.7.5 - 22 July 2001
* Suppress warnings on a per module/function/class/method basis
with new suppressions = {} in .pycheckrc
* Suppress warnings by setting __pychecker__ in source code
* Change long argument behaviour --arg sets arg to true,
--no-arg sets arg to false (also works for warning suppression)
* Add -U/--reuseattr check if function/class/method names are reused
* Add -T/--argsused check for unused method/function arguments
* Add -G/--selfused ignore if self is unused in a method
(requires --argsused)
* Add -q/--stdlib to disable warnings from the standard library
* Add -o/--override warning when a method has different signature
than one being overridden in a base class
* Add -F/--rcfile to generate a .pycheckrc file
* Fix checking files in standard library before local file
* Fix spurious warning when using from X import Y and imports in methods
(Module (m) re-imported)
* Fix spurious warning when doing: from X import Y, Z
* Fix spurious warning when deriving from Exception() and
instantiating object with multiple arguments
* Fix method argument checks when calling base class methods
* Fix error msg to base constructors (msg count was wrong)
* Fix access to builtin module attributes (e.g., sys.exc_value)
generating 'No attribute warnings'
* Fix tests (forgot to add : after line number in expected results)
Version 0.7 - 16 July 2001
* Improve import warning messages, add from checks
* -h prints defaults after processing .pycheckrc file
* Add config option -k/--pkgimport to disable unused imports from
* Add warning for variable used before being set
* Improve format string checks/warnings
* Check arguments to constructors
* Check that self is first arg to base constructor
* Add -e/--errors option to only warn about likely errors
* Make 'self' configurable as the first argument to methods
* Add check that there is a c'tor when instantiating an object and
passing arguments
* Add config option (-N/--initreturn) to turn off warnings
when returning None from __init__()
* Fix internal error with python 2.1 which defines a new op: LOAD_DEREF
* Check in lambda functions for module/variable use
* Fix inability to evaluate { 1: 'a' } inline,
led to incorrect __init__() not called warnings
* Fix exception when class overrides __special__() methods & raise exception
* Fix check in format strings when using '%*g %*.*g', etc
* Add check for static class attributes
* Fix checking of module attributes
* Fix wrong filename in 'Base class (xxx) __init__() not called'
when doing a from X import *
* Fix 'No attribute found' for very dynamic classes
(may also work for classes that use __getattr__)
Version 0.6.1 - 27 June 2001
* Fix bug which caused an exception from some import code
* Fix bug in determining if there is an implicit return
Version 0.6 - 25 June 2001
* Check format strings: "%s %s %s" % (v1, v2, v3, v4) for arg counts
* Warn when format strings do: '%(var) %(var2)'
* Fix Local variable (xxx) not used, when have: "%(xxx)s" % locals()
* Warn when local variable (xxx) doesn't exist and have: "%(xxx)s" % locals()
* Install script in /usr/local/bin to invoke PyChecker
* Don't produce unused global warnings when using a module in parameters
* Don't produce unused global warnings when using a module in class variables
* Add check when using method as an attribute (if self.method and x == y:)
* Add check for right # of args to object construction
* Add check for right # of args to function calls in other modules
* Check for returning a value from __init__
* Fix using from XX import YY ; from XX import ZZ causing re-import warning
* Fix UNABLE TO IMPORT errors for files that don't end with a newline
* Support for checking consistent return values -- not complete
produces too many false positives
Version 0.5 - 29 May 2001
* Catch internal errors "gracefully" and turn into a warning
* Add checking of most module scoped code
* Add pychecker subdir to imports to prevent filename conflicts
* Don't produce unused local variable warning if variable name == '_'
* Add -g/--allglobals option to report all global warnings, not just first
* Add -V/--varlist option to selectively ignore variable not used warnings
* Add test script and expected results
* Print all instructions when using debug (-d/--debug)
* Overhaul internal stack handling so we can look for more problems
* Fix glob'ing problems (all args after glob were ignored)
* Fix spurious Base class __init__ not called
* Fix exception on code like: ['xxx'].index('xxx')
* Fix exception on code like: func(kw=(a < b))
* Fix line numbers for import statements
Version 0.4 - 23 April 2001
* Add .pycheckrc file processing to specify options (like on command line)
* Add new warning if module.Attribute doesn't exist
* Add new warning: Module (%s) re-imported locally
* Add glob'ing support for windows
* Handle apply(BaseClass.__init__(self, args))
* Fix command line handling so you can pass module, package, or filename
* Fix **kwArgs warning if named parameter is not first
* Don't exit from checker when import checker from interpreter
Version 0.3 - 17 April 2001
* Fix some checker crashes (oops)
* Add warnings for code complexity (lines/branches/returns per function)
* Add more configuration options
* Don't produce spurious warning for: x(y, { 'a': 'b' })
* Fix warnings that indicate they are from a base class file,
rather than real file
* Fix warnings for **kwArgs not allowed, but using named args
* Add configuration option for warning when using attribute as a function
(off by default, old behaviour was on)
Version 0.2.5 - 12 April 2001
* Add back support for Python 1.5.2 (again)
(I sure like 2.0 more with the [ for ] and string methods.)
* Add new warning for unused local variables
* Add command line switches
Version 0.2 - 10 April 2001
* Move tests into a sub-directory so import test doesn't import
* Add more test files
* Add '.' to the python path so it doesn't need to be done in env't
* Print a warning at the end for each file that couldn't be import'ed
* Improve stack handling to improve error handling
* Try to get base class __init__ checking to work for both:
import X.Y
from X import Y
Version 0.1.1 - 8 April 2001
* Add support for Python 1.5.2
Version 0.1 - 7 April 2001
* Initial release