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This module implements commands with subtrees of commands.
-Suggested use in your project (if you are using Subversion):
+Suggested use in your project (if you are using git):
-- create myproject/extern directory
-- svn commit myproject/extern
-- svn propset svn:externals "command"
-Alternatively, you can embed only the file with proper svn:externals.
-If you are worried about stability, check out a specific revision by
-putting -r (revision number) in between log and https
+- create myproject/extern directory and package:
+ export PROJECT=myproject
+ mkdir -p $PROJECT/extern
+ touch $PROJECT/extern/
+- add the submodule:
+ git submodule add $PROJECT/extern/python-command
+ pushd
+ cd $PROJECT/extern
+ ln -sf python-command/command command
+ popd
+- test if you can import it:
+ python -c "from $PROJECT.extern.command import command; print command"
+- Commit the result to git
+ git add $PROJECT/extern/command
+ git commit -m "add python command module" .gitmodules $PROJECT/extern/command

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