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This repository contains the source code for (Thomas Welfley's portfolio).

Setting up Your Development Environment

Using pip + virtualenv (or pythonbrew if you're cool) is a really good idea. If you're doing things that way already, setup a new virtual environment and use the requirements.txt file to install the necessary libraries. If you're not, check out Eliot's PIP + virtualenv crash course.

If you don't want to use virtualenv, you can do things this way using just pip:

> git clone git://
> cd
> sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Override to your liking by dropping a file in

Next, setup your database:

> portfolio/ syncdb
> portfolio/ migrate

And finally, fire up the dev server:

> portfolio/ runserver

After that, your local instance of should be accessible to you here, but you probably already knew that.

Everything else

Copyright (c) Thomas Welfley. See LICENSE for details.