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⚠️ The props used in this starter are outdated. There may be breaking CSS changes. Please refer to for the latest conventions.


πŸš€ Quick start

  1. Create a Gatsby site.

    Use the Gatsby CLI to create a new site, specifying the default starter.

    # create a new Gatsby site using the default starter
    gatsby new my-primer-starter
  2. Start developing.

    Navigate into your new site’s directory and start it up.

    cd my-primer-starter/
    gatsby develop
  3. Open the source code and start editing!

    Your site is now running at http://localhost:8000!

    Note: You'll also see a second link: http://localhost:8000/___graphql. This is a tool you can use to experiment with querying your data. Learn more about using this tool in the Gatsby tutorial.

    Open the my-primer-starter directory in your code editor of choice and edit src/pages/index.js. Save your changes and the browser will update in real time!

πŸ”” Important files

Remember to edit these files to customize the basic template:

  • gatsby-config.js: This is the main configuration file for a Gatsby site. This is where you can specify information about your site (metadata) like the site title and description, which Gatsby plugins you’d like to include, etc. (Check out the config docs for more detail).

  • src/components/nav.js: This is your header component. Edit the name and website link!

  • src/pages/index.js: This is your index page that loads at /. Customize it to make it your own.

πŸŽ“ Learning Gatsby

Looking for more guidance? Full documentation for Gatsby lives on the website. Here are some places to start:

  • For most developers, we recommend starting with our in-depth tutorial for creating a site with Gatsby. It starts with zero assumptions about your level of ability and walks through every step of the process.

  • To dive straight into code samples, head to our documentation. In particular, check out the Guides, API Reference, and Advanced Tutorials sections in the sidebar.

πŸ”· Using Primer

The design of the page is based on the Primer website and uses Primer React component library. Primer is open-source and and maintained by GitHub’s Design Systems team.

Take a look at their documentation and see what you can make!

πŸ’« Deploy

Deploy to Netlify


A Gatsby starter featuring GitHub Primer Design System and React components πŸ™βšͺ️




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