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Laravel Without Mcrypt

This package uses a trick to fool composer into thinking that your system has the PHP Mcrypt extension installed. Allowing you to install Laravel on shared hosts or systems where Mcrypt is not present. In addition it provides two service providers NoEncryptionServiceProvider and OpensslEncryptionServiceProvider for use as an alternative to Illuminate\Encryption\EncryptionServiceProvider


Install via composer to an exisiting working Laravel project.

composer require thomaswelton/laravel-mcrypt-faker

If you are unable to install Laravel via composer due to no having Mcrypt installed then you will need to add this package manually. Download the latest Laravel source and edit the composer.json so your require block looks as follows.

"require": {
	"thomaswelton/laravel-mcrypt-faker": "1.0.*",
	"laravel/framework": "5.0.*"

The run composer install which will install this package along with the laravel framework.

Updating the Encryption Service Provider

In your config/app.php file remove Illuminate\Encryption\EncryptionServiceProvider from the providers array and replace it with either Thomaswelton\LaravelMcryptFaker\NoEncryptionServiceProvider or Thomaswelton\LaravelMcryptFaker\OpensslEncryptionServiceProvider

Also update the cipher in config/app.php and set it to null as the cipher value MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 is a constant that would not be defined without mcrypt

WARNING The NoEncryptionServiceProvider, as the name suggests, provides no encryption for your application... at all. This should not be used in a production website. And even though the OpensslEncryptionServiceProvider provides encryption using the defuse/php-encryption package I personally can not attest to how cryptographically secure it's implementation is, even thought it "Works for me"

OpensslEncryption Key

To use the OpensslEncryptionServiceProvider your app secret key needs to be updated. This can be done by running php artisan key:generate-openssl


Allows installation of Laravel where the PHP Mcrypt extension is not available. Provides encryption using OpenSSL, or by disabling encryption entirely.






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