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Caret is a lightweight-but-powerful programmer's editor running as a Chrome Packaged App. Inspired by Sublime and built on top of the Ace editing component, it offers:

  • multiple cursors
  • tabbed editing and retained files
  • syntax highlighting and themes
  • command palette/smart go to
  • hackable, synchronized configuration files
  • project files and folder view
  • fast project-wide string search

More information, links to Caret in the Chrome Web Store, and an external package file are available at Documentation can be found in the wiki.

You can also load Caret from source code, either to hack around on or to try the absolute bleeding edge. You'll need to have Node and NPM installed first, then follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repo to your local machine
  2. Run npm install to get the development dependencies (Grunt, LESS, and some other packages)
  3. Run npm run build, which will generate the CSS files from the LESS source
  4. Visit chrome://extensions and enable Developer Mode.
  5. Still on the extensions page, click the button marked "Load unpacked extension..." and select the directory containing Caret's manifest.json.

If you use Caret and would like to show your appreciation, please consider donating to the FSF's Fund to End Software Patents.

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