Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Caret support Google Drive/SFTP/Dropbox/other remote storage providers?

Indirectly, yes. Caret is capable of saving to anything that looks like a local filesystem, which includes the Google Drive directory on Chromebooks and on computers with the Drive client installed. It will also save to any other folder that maps to a remote resource. But it will not save to these remote locations directly, and I don't have any intention of adding this feature.

Can Caret add support for language X?

If Ace supports it, Caret can as well. By default, to keep the package size down, not all languages are shipped, but they can be added pretty easily. File an issue (including the file extensions that should be associated with that syntax) and I'll get it added.

Why does Caret open non-text files on Chrome OS?

To avoid the limit on extensions that Chrome apps are allowed to register for, Caret simply registers for wildcard types on Chrome OS. This has the odd side effect that the OS will make it a default option for some files it doesn't open well, such as .zip archives. To fix this, use the "Open With" menu item in the Files app to reassign those files to your preferred handler.

How do I run the code that I write in Caret?

Unfortunately, Caret can't actually run any code, only edit it. Consult the documentation for the programming language of your choice to find out how to actually execute it. Note that on Chrome OS, some languages can't be run without installing additional apps or switching your machine into developer mode.

Does Caret support plugins?

Yes! You can send Caret commands through the standard Chrome app messaging system. A list of commands is available here. You can also send messages from Caret to external applications from a keystroke or menu item: look at the External API settings file for more information.

How do I uninstall Caret?

Like all Chrome apps, Caret is not installed through your operating system's default installation mechanism (unless you are using Chrome OS). If you want to get rid of it, we're sad to see you go, but it's easy enough to do. Open Chrome or the Chrome Apps Launcher, right click on the Caret icon, and choose "Remove from Chrome" or "Uninstall" to delete it.

Can Caret open files from the command line?

Not as far as I know. This is a limitation of Chrome apps, but I believe the Chromium team is working on a solution.

Feature X is broken in vim emulation mode. Can you fix it?

Vim mode is completely unsupported in Caret: it was enabled as an opt-in feature because it's built into Ace, so it required me to do very little to turn it on. However, I wrote Caret specifically because I didn't want to learn vim on my Chromebook, and I do not use the emulation mode, ever, which means that I will neither find nor fix any bugs that exist in it. Use at your own risk.

I'd like to help make Caret better. How can I get started?

Great question! Help is always appreciated. If you're a technical type, clone the repo and take a look at contributing.txt to answer any questions you might have about style. If you're not a coder, you can still help out: file bugs, help write documentation, work on the UI design, and answer questions!

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