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Code.js is a small library of utility functions for working in JavaScript. I started the first version of this while working at Congressional Quarterly, and have been maintaining it ever since. It does not require jQuery (but will use it, if it finds it).

The following functions are included in Code.js as of October 16, 2012. They may change in the future.

  • Future - a small implementation of promises/deferreds. Includes when() for collecting deferreds and regular functions into one collective promise.

  • Future.wrap() - converts CPS functions into functions that return promises.

  • assert() - quick unit testing assertion, outputting to the console.

  • extend() - combine two objects by key.

  • commafy() - converts numbers to strings with commas inserted according to AP style.

  • inflate() - a small, non-recursive, Mustache-like templating function

  • desync() - call a function after a short delay, but return immediately. Useful for debugging across the AS3-JS bridge without locking up the Flash VM.

  • xmlObjectify() - convert an XML document into a JavaScript native object.

  • map/reduce() - standard map/reduce functions. Shimmed onto Array.prototype in older browsers.

  • PubSub - a constructor for PubSub objects. You can pass in an object to have it extended with the on/off/trigger methods. Code also makes a singleton available as

  • Bag - an unsorted collection type for objects, supporting some Underscore-like features, as well as a "query" method for filtering against an arbitrary set of attributes.

  • Machine - a simple state machine that takes in an object with the following characteristics:

var stateList = {
  state_name: {
    enter_function: function() {},
    exit_function: function() {},
    events: {
      event_name: "destination_state"

You can change the machine's state by calling trigger() and passing in a string matching an event in the current state. Bad events are simply ignored. Any additional arguments given to trigger() will be passed on to the enter() and exit() functions, which are bound to the context of the Machine instance.

  • encode64/decode64() - standard Base64 translation functions. Shimmed onto atob() and btoa() in older browsers.

In addition, Code shims Function.bind in older browsers, just because it's too useful to be without.

This library is in flux as I learn more about JavaScript, or change my habits. For example, the inheritance functions chain() and augment() were removed recently since I almost never use them (in favor of regular JavaScript inheritance). I intend to be ruthless about this, since Code is not meant to be a replacement for large libraries, but a simple script I can pull in for quick projects. I've added it to github primarily to keep a history of excised features, just in case.