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Install from PyPI

pip install pytablereader

Some of the formats require additional dependency packages, you can install the dependency packages as follows:

  • Excel
    • pip install pytablereader[excel]
  • Google Sheets
    • pip install pytablereader[gs]
  • Markdown
    • pip install pytablereader[md]
  • Mediawiki
    • pip install pytablereader[mediawiki]
  • SQLite
    • pip install pytablereader[sqlite]
  • Load from URLs
    • pip install pytablereader[url]
  • All of the extra dependencies
    • pip install pytablereader[all]

Install from PPA (for Ubuntu)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thombashi/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-pytablereader


Python 2.7+ or 3.5+

Mandatory Python packages

Optional Python packages

Optional packages (other than Python packages)

  • libxml2 (faster HTML conversion)
  • pandoc (required when loading MediaWiki file)

Test dependencies

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