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|HtmlTableWriter| class can write a table to a stream with table tag format from a matrix of data.

Sample Code:
<table id="example_table">
            <td align="right">0</td>
            <td align="right">0.10</td>
            <td align="left">hoge</td>
            <td align="left">True</td>
            <td align="right">0</td>
            <td align="left">2017-01-01 03:04:05+0900</td>
            <td align="right">2</td>
            <td align="right">-2.23</td>
            <td align="left">foo</td>
            <td align="left">False</td>
            <td align="left"></td>
            <td align="left">2017-12-23 12:34:51+0900</td>
            <td align="right">3</td>
            <td align="right">0.00</td>
            <td align="left">bar</td>
            <td align="left">True</td>
            <td align="left">Infinity</td>
            <td align="left">2017-03-03 22:44:55+0900</td>
            <td align="right">-10</td>
            <td align="right">-9.90</td>
            <td align="left"></td>
            <td align="left">False</td>
            <td align="left">NaN</td>
            <td align="left">2017-01-01 00:00:00+0900</td>
Rendering Result:
int float str bool mix time
0 0.1 hoge True 0 2017-01-01 03:04:05+0900
2 -2.2 foo False 2017-12-23 12:34:51+0900
3 0.0 bar True inf 2017-03-03 22:44:55+0900
-10 -9.9 False nan 2017-01-01 00:00:00+0900