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Install via pip (recommended)

sqlitebiter can be installed via pip (Python package manager).

pip install sqlitebiter

Installation for Debian/Ubuntu from a deb package

  1. wget<version>/sqlitebiter_<version>_amd64.deb
  2. dpkg -iv sqlitebiter_<version>_amd64.deb
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i sqlitebiter_0.20.0_amd64.deb

Installing executable files in Windows

sqlitebiter can be used in Windows environments without Python installation as follows:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Download the latest version of the
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Execute sqlitebiter.exe in either Command Prompt or PowerShell
>cd sqlitebiter_win_x64
>sqlitebiter.exe -h
Usage: sqlitebiter [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version               Show the version and exit.
  -o, --output-path PATH  Output path of the SQLite database file. Defaults to
  -a, --append            append table(s) to existing database.
  -i, --index TEXT        comma separated attribute names to create indices.
  --replace-symbol TEXT   Replace symbols in attributes.
  -v, --verbose
  --debug                 for debug print.
  -q, --quiet             suppress execution log messages.
  -h, --help              Show this message and exit.

  completion  A helper command to setup command completion.
  configure   Configure the following application settings: (1) Default...
  file        Convert tabular data within CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/Jupyter...
  gs          Convert a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to a SQLite database...
  url         Scrape tabular data from a URL and convert data to a SQLite...

Installation for macOS via Homebrew

$ brew tap thombashi/sqlitebiter
$ brew install sqlitebiter

Command Completion

To setup for bash:

    sqlitebiter completion bash >> ~/.bashrc

To setup for zsh:

    sqlitebiter completion zsh >> ~/.zshrc


Python 2.7+ or 3.4+

Python package dependencies are as follows.

Python package dependencies

Mandatory dependencies

Following mandatory Python packages are automatically installed during sqlitebiter installation process:

Google Sheets dependencies (Optional)

Following Python packages are required to manual installation when you use Google Sheets feature:

The above packages can be installed with the following pip command;

$ pip install sqlitebiter[gs]

Test dependencies

Misc dependencies (Optional)

Dependencies other than Python packages (Optional)

  • libxml2 (faster HTML/Markdown conversion)
  • pandoc (required when converting MediaWiki files)