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js3-mode was created by Thom Blake.

js-mode (originally javascript-mode and later espresso-mode) was created by Karl Landstrom and later maintained by Daniel Colascione. It is now part of the emacs standard distribution.

js2-mode was created by Steve Yegge. js3-mode also incorporates some features by mooz and dgutov at

Special thanks to:

  • Mihai Bazon for coming up with the idea of overriding js2-mode's indentation behavior with default espresso-mode
  • Cheeso on StackOverflow for telling me where to look to fix comma-first indentation and starting me on this path.
  • Tim Meadowcroft for his js2-mode hook to respect jslint global comments, now integrated into js3-mode's source

Inspired by A better coding convention for lists and object literals in Javascript and npm style by isaacs.


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