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-* W is a game with limitless potential
-** Information
- W was created as my entry into this [[][Ludum Dare Jam 22]] (See [[][downloads]]
+* W
+ W was created as my entry into [[][Ludum Dare Jam 22]] (See [[][downloads]]
or [[][this branch]] for what I submitted, the entry itself is located
- Now that it is complete, I am going to extend the heck out of it.
-** How to play
-*** Getting W
-**** Mac, Windows, or 64 bit Linux
-If you run Mac, Linux (64 bit), or Windows, simply grab the
-(for Mac), W-Lin.tar.gz (for 64 bit Linux), or (for
-Windows). Double click the executable inside, ( for Mac and W.exe
-for Windows), and if everything should goes well W should open and
-**** Any (who happen to already have Racket 5.2 installed)
-W is written in PLT Racket, a dialect of Lisp, and if you happen to
-already have this installed, you can run the code without downloading
-one of the premade executables. To do this, simply download or clone
-this repository, and run "w.rkt" from within the source directory.
-Note that for best performance you should not run this within
-DrRacket, running "gracket source/w.rkt" from the command line should
-set the necessary steps in motion for that to happen.
-If you do not wish or know how to run this outside of DrRacket, but
-find that it is running too slow and would like to try to fix it, you can
-improve performance by going to the languages menu and ensuring that
-both Debugging and Profiling are turned off. Additionally, check
-"populate compiled directories" if it is unchecked.
-*** Controls
- - Arrow keys or WASD for movement
- - Space uses an item you are standing on or facing (teleporters,
- doors, and screens can currently be used). Space will also restart
- the game at a game over screen.
- - Escape restarts the game regardless of where you are.
+ I have changed it since then, however I'm no longer working on
+ it.

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