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some of my more or less useful greasemonkey userscripts
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greasemonkey userscripts

Some of my more and less useful greasemonkey userscripts:

Please install userscripts from You'll also find there some notes and screenshots.

You may also install them via the following Links from github:

Still under development (use it for your own risk):

userscript-updater script


  1. Copy and paste the script snippet updater.user.js.txt at the end of your userscript file.

  2. Set at least script-id (from and current script version as options in init function:


        scriptId:       "123456789",
        currentVersion: "1.0"
  3. You may optional overwrite the 'checkInterval', 'injectInto' and 'updaterCss' option


        scriptId:       "123456789",
        currentVersion: "1.0.2",
        checkInterval:  604800,                              // check only once a week
        injectInto:     document.getElementById("header"),   // inject updater-message into this DOM-node
        updaterCss:     ""                                   // individual css rules (see 'Themes' below)
  4. You may optional define additional (non standard) userscript-meta tags @change and/or @depricated in your script. This information will then be used in an update-message as additional description.

    @change: what has been changed in the new version

    @depricated: if userscript is depricated (the scripts site may have implemented your feature now, so the userscript isn't necessary anymore), then give a description or set to 'true'.


  • For an example of this script being implemented, see for example this
  • Currently this updater script works only for unserscripts hosted on
  • Please don't set checkInterval to more than once a day to limit unnecessary server load on
  • Use version numbers for your userscripts based on the versioning scheme major.minor[.bugfix].
  • You may use a packed version of this script snippet (the userscriptUpdater-function only!) by using Dean Edwards Packer

Tested with:

  • Firefox 3.0.x
  • Greasemonkey Addon 0.8.20090123.1

Styling of updater-message:

Individual CSS rules should base on this exemplary generated HTML structure:

<div class="greasemonkey_updater">
        <div class="greasemonkey_updater_link_to_hide">
            <a href=""><span>Skip until next Update!</span></a>
        Greasemonkey UserScript Update Notification!
    <p>There is an update available for <a href="">userscript updater</a>.<br/>
        New Feature: this and that!<br/><br/>
        You are currently running version <b>1.3</b>, the newest version on is <b>1.4.3</b>!<br/>
        <a href="">Update to Version 1.4.3</a>

For this you may use for example this set of CSS selectors:

div.greasemonkey_updater {  }
div.greasemonkey_updater h1 {  }
div.greasemonkey_updater a {  }
div.greasemonkey_updater .greasemonkey_updater_link_to_hide {  }
div.greasemonkey_updater p {  }

Helvetica Theme

Copy helvetica.css into updaterCss.

Red-Alert Theme

Copy red-alert.css into updaterCss.


MIT License (

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