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OpenStreetMap PBF Parser in Go


gosmparse uses a callback driven API, which is stable (Documentation).

It has been designed with performance and maximum usage convenience in mind; on an Intel Core i7-6820HQ with NVMe flash it is able to process ~75 MB/s, so a planet file can be processed in under 10 minutes. If you find possible speed-ups or other improvements, let me know.


  • fast
  • tested with different files from different sources/generators
  • more than 85% test coverage and benchmarks for all hot spots
  • one dependency only: protobuf package (a few more are used by tests and are included in the module)
  • can read from any io.Reader (e.g. for parsing during download)
  • supports history files


  • Does not build geometries
  • No element cache


go get -u

Example Usage

// Implement the gosmparser.OSMReader interface here.
// Streaming data will call those functions.
type dataHandler struct{}

func (d *dataHandler) ReadNode(n gosmparse.Node)         {}
func (d *dataHandler) ReadWay(w gosmparse.Way)           {}
func (d *dataHandler) ReadRelation(r gosmparse.Relation) {}

func ExampleNewDecoder() {
	r, err := os.Open("filename.pbf")
	if err != nil {
	dec := gosmparse.NewDecoder(r)
	// Parse will block until it is done or an error occurs.
	err = dec.Parse(&dataHandler{})
	if err != nil {

Download & Parse

It is possible to parse during download, so you don't have to wait for a download to finish to be able to start the parsing/processing. You can simply use the standard Go net/http package and pass resp.Body to the decoder.

resp, err := http.Get("")
if err != nil {
defer resp.Body.Close()
dec := gosmparse.NewDecoder(resp.Body)
err = dec.Parse(&dataHandler{})
if err != nil {

Did it break?

If you found a case, where gosmparse broke, please report it and provide the file that caused the failure.