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A very simple image slider that will responsively work with images of any size or shape
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A very simple image slider that will responsively work with images of any size or shape. requires jQuery



  1. Link to jQuery

     <script src="" integrity="sha256-hwg4gsxgFZhOsEEamdOYGBf13FyQuiTwlAQgxVSNgt4=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
  2. Link to the Square1 JS and CSS

     <link rel="Stylesheet" href="square1/square1.min.css" type="text/css" />
     <script src="square1/square1.min.js"></script>
  3. Turn your images into a slideshow


    You can create a slideshow from a list of images:

     <div class="slideshow">
     	<img src="image1.png" alt="Caption 1">
     	<img data-src="image2.png" alt="Caption 2">
     	<img data-src="image3.png" alt="Caption 3">

    Note: Appending data- to the 'src' and 'srcset' attributes will enable async loading (eg. data-src="image1.png").

    OR, you can include slides as HTML content elements. The img tag inside the slide will be used as the slide's background:

     <div class="slideshow">
     		<img src="image1.png" alt="Caption 1">
     		<h3>Slide Title</h3>
     		<img src="image2.png" alt="Caption 2">
     		<h3>Slide Title</h3>
     		<img src="image3.png" alt="Caption 3">
     		<h3>Slide Title</h3>

    Additionally, if you are using the default "cover" fill mode to scale your images, you can set the point from which the image should scale from by adding the 'scale-from' attribute to your images. You can use any values that work with the CSS background-position property.

     <img src="image1.png alt="Caption 1" scale-from="right top">
     <img data-src="image2.png alt="Caption 2" scale-from="center bottom">
     <img data-src="image3.png alt="Caption 3" scale-from="left bottom">


     $(function() {

Slideshow Options

All modifications to how the slideshow runs are optional. To change the default behavior, simply add the options you want to change to the square1() function like so:

	slide_duration: 8000,
	dots_nav: 'hover'

Here are all of the options with their default values:

width: 			$(_this).width(), 	// Sets slideshow width. Values: any specific measurement (px, em, vw, etc.) will work. Blank values will default to whatever size the CSS dictates.
height: 		$(_this).height(),  	// Sets slideshow height. Values: any specific measurement (px, em, vw, etc.) will work. Blank values will default to whatever size the CSS dictates.
animation: 		'fade', 		// Transition animation style. Values: 'fade' or 'slide'
fill_mode: 		'cover', 		// Determines how images fill slideshow. Values: 'contain', 'cover', or pixel/percent value
scale_from: 		'center', 		// Values: all values that work for CSS background-position property (eg. 'right bottom', '100px 300px', etc.). Default set to 'center center' in CSS
background:		'none',			// Set slideshow background color. Values: any CSS color or valid CSS background value
auto_start: 		true,			// Set whether slideshow autoplays or not. Values: true/false
start_delay: 		0, 			// If auto_start is true, set how long to wait before slideshow starts. Values: ms
slide_duration: 	4000, 			// Amount of time each slide is shown before progressing to next. Values: ms
transition_time: 	500, 			// Amount of time it takes to transition from one slie to next. Values: ms
pause_on_hover: 	true,			// Pause autoplay if user hovers mouse over slideshow. Values: true/valse
keyboard: 		true,			// Allow users to control slideshow with arrow keys. Will automatically add slideshows into keyboard tab order. Values: true/valse
gestures: 		true,			// Allow users to control slideshow with touch gestures (swipe left/right). Values: true/valse
lazy_load: 		false,			// Enabling this will load images as they are needed instead of on page load
theme:			'dark',			// Set color palette of slideshow UI elements. Values: 'dark', 'light'
prev_next_nav: 		'inside', 		// How to display (or not) the arrow nav buttons. Values: 'inside', 'outside', 'hover', 'none'
dots_nav: 		'inside', 		// How to display (or not) the dot nav buttons. Values: 'inside', 'outside', 'hover', 'none'
caption: 		'outside', 		// How to display (or not) image captions. Values: 'inside', 'outside', 'hover', 'none'

// Callback functions
onLoad: 		function() {},	// Triggered when slideshow has completed loading
onPlay: 		function() {},	// Triggered when slideshow starts playing
onStop: 		function() {},	// Triggered when slideshow stops playing
onChange: 		function() {}	// Triggered after slide has changed

Slideshow Remote Control Functions

You can also control any Square1 slideshow remotely via JS:

// Start slideshow

// Stop slideshow

// Go to next slide

// Go to previous slide

// Jump to slide N (or any integer);


Thanks to for the images

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