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FILES_GFRD=doc/visualization.txt samples/example/
all: website
.PHONY: pull
git co master
git pull
# Preferably work on a local dev branch
git co dev
git rebase master
.PHONY: website
# Get some files from egfrd directory
cd $(DIR_GFRD) && cp $(FILES_GFRD) $(HERE)/_includes
# Remove generated html files
rm -f *.html
# Generate _site
# Mv generated html files to _site directory (not _site/src) so we can
# run a proper test using Jekyll testserver or Apache locally.
mv _site/src/*.html _site/
# Copy generated html files to root directory so Github web server can
# find them.
cp _site/*.html .
# Let Github's Jekyll create support.html because of email obfuscation
# Note Github will transform any markdown file to html using it's own
# version of Jekyll. We only use this feature for support.html, so the
# root directory should be free of any other markdown files.
rm support.html
# Check if everything looks ok locally. Then:
# git commit -a -m 'Update website'
# Don't forget to add newly created files to the commit too.
.PHONY: push
git co master
git merge --ff-only dev
# This updates, because of the file CNAME.
# Ask Carl if you want to host the website somewhere else than Github.
git push origin master
git co dev