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### Introduction
This package implement the direct method Gillespie's algorithm. It can be used for simulating biochemical reaction networks. See for more information.
### Quickstart
$ cabal install mersenne-random-pure64
$ ghc -O2 --make simulation.hs
$ ./simulation
### Prerequisites
This package depends on the package 'mersenne-random-pure64'.
To install it, make sure you have the package 'cabal-install' installed.
"The 'cabal' command-line program simplifies the process of managing Haskell software by automating the fetching, configuration, compilation and installation of Haskell libraries and programs."
The recommended way of getting 'cabal-install' is through the 'Haskell platform':
You can also install 'cabal-install' manually: If the bootstrap script complains about a missing 'time' library, install it manually: (cabal-install version 0.8.2. says it depends on time version < 1.2).
( and 744).
When you have 'cabal-install' installed and 'cabal' is in your path, do:
$ cabal update
$ cabal install mersenne-random-pure64
As a third option, you can try to install 'mersenne-random-pure64' manually:
### Compiling and running
$ ghc -O2 --make simulation.hs
$ ./simulation
or (but much slower)
$ runhaskell simulation.hs