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With this version you can select multiple files at once. It will then show a dialog where you can select the channels you want to convert to Tiff files.
* Install ImageJ:
Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install imagej
* Download the file `Ics_Opener_To_Tiff.jar` and put it in the plugins directory of ImageJ
Ubuntu: $HOME/.imagej/plugins
* Select this option in ImageJ:
Edit -> Options -> Input/Output -> 'Use JFileChooser to open/save'
* To convert the Ics files to Tiff files:
Plugins -> InputOutput -> Ics/Ids to Tiff
Use the Control key the select multiple files at once, or type this in the File Name box: *.ics or *.tif.
See the file `` for compile and packaging instructions.
Contact me if you encounter any problems.