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vim window management shortcuts

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1 parent 45afcbd commit a3f886a5cb3abf3d79e41f2d7699aadecb789468 @thommahoney committed
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12 vim/vimrc
@@ -99,9 +99,14 @@ set guioptions-=T
set guioptions-=r
set guioptions-=L
-" Movement
-nnoremap <C-j> 25j
-nnoremap <C-k> 25k
+" window management
+nnoremap <C-h> <C-w>h
+nnoremap <C-j> <C-w>j
+nnoremap <C-k> <C-w>k
+nnoremap <C-l> <C-w>l
+nnoremap <C-s> <C-w>s
+nnoremap <C-n> <C-w>n
+nnoremap <C-q> <C-w>q
" grep
map <leader>a :Ack<space>
@@ -115,7 +120,6 @@ let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = '\.git$\|\.hg$\|\.svn$'
map <leader>f :CtrlP<CR>
map <leader>cf :CtrlPClearCache<CR>
" fuckups
cnoreabbrev <expr> W ((getcmdtype() is# ':' && getcmdline() is# 'W')?('w'):('W'))
cnoreabbrev <expr> Wa ((getcmdtype() is# ':' && getcmdline() is# 'Wa')?('wa'):('Wa'))

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