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SharkCafe Cam - white shark camera tag with behavior detection triggered video
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SharkCafe Cam - white shark camera tag with behavior detection triggered video

How to navigate this repository

First of all, welcome to Shark Cafe Camera. The first thing that you will need to review is the "" file. This will provide you with the necessary tools and optional tools that will assist you with completing this project. Each tool is listed as the name of the tool, cost, and a blue hyperlink text which will take you the the website to order that tool. Tools that are listed as optional are not necessary for the project but can provide some ease with certain aspects. The tools listed as none optional were chosen as ideal due to the fact that you can go to your local hardware store and purchase these tools and they are the relatively cheaper versions. These are not the specific tools we used for this project but are merely recommendations. Feel free to find, borrow, or use other tools that will accomplish the same tasks.

The next step if you are not familiar with soldering should be to review the "". This will provide you a brief overview of soldering tools and techniques that will assist you with this project. Feel free to also research other resources for example you tube videos or manuals as these can provide more detailed information about this topic.

After you have completed the first two sections or you are familiar with soldering then you are ready to navigation the rest of this repository. The organization of this reprository is as follows. Each folder describes a certain component of the overall project. The subfolders within each of these folders has a combination of subfolder including a, mechanical, electrical, and software. First, you should open the "" which provides necessary information or steps for that component. The Mechanical describes any physical component or mechanism for that component. The electrical describes the components used and how the were wired. The software describes any software that was used to control the electrical components.

Use these materials as guidelines to further experiment with other cameras or devices. This is merely to show how this project was accomplished and the potential possibilities.

If you have any questions or any part of these materials are confusion, please feel free to leave comments on sections that are confusing.

Have fun and go exploring with your new remote sensing camera!

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