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@thommcgrath thommcgrath released this Feb 7, 2021

  • Added ArtisanKit.NearestMultiple method to help controls improve drawing sharpness at any scaling factor.
  • Updated ArtisanKit.BlendColors method to improve how colors are blended together. Now possible to blend colors with alpha channels.
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@thommcgrath thommcgrath released this Jan 6, 2021

  • Fixed some event names that Xojo decided not to rename.
  • Cleaned up more API 2 deprecation warnings introduced in Xojo 2020r2.
  • Control now has an Animated property that will automatically prevent all animations triggered by StartAnimation.
  • Custom focus ring drawing seems to have stopped working. No solution has been found at this time.
  • Added Color.AtOpacity method for decreasing the opacity of colors.
  • Added Graphics.NewPicture method for creating picture objects that match the Graphics object's scaling settings.
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@thommcgrath thommcgrath released this Oct 29, 2018

Updated for Xojo 2018r3 and dark mode

Added 3 new methods:

  • IsDarkMode: A simple wrapper for REALbasic.IsDarkMode when available (2018r3 and newer) or returns False when not available (2018r2 and earlier)
  • ColorLuminance: Calculates the relative luminance of a color. Useful for calculating contrast between colors.
  • ColorIsBright: Uses brightness and luminance to determine if a color appears "light" on the screen.
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@thommcgrath thommcgrath released this Jan 4, 2016

Minor feature release:

  • It is now possible to start or update an animation from the ArtisanKit.Control.AnimationStep event. Previously, if the animation was on the final step, a newly started animation would be stopped too. This essentially prevented looping animations.
  • Added Finished As Boolean parameter to ArtisanKit.Control.AnimationStep event. This will be true when the final step of an animation is being executed.
  • Added Ease As Boolean = True parameter to ArtisanKit.Control.StartAnimation method. Previously, all animations would use an 'ease-out' effect. Now, when Ease is false, the animation will run at a steady pace.
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@thommcgrath thommcgrath released this Oct 29, 2015

Initial release

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