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An editor for the Beacons in Ark: Survival Evolved
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API Docs API test to record an exception Mar 15, 2019
Artwork Adding the Illustrator file for the Nitrado banner. Mar 5, 2019
Database Updating database schema for the exception changes. Mar 16, 2019
Installers Reformatting [Beacon] ini group to possibly play nicer with Xbox Mar 16, 2019
M_Crypto @ 12e8247 Better encryption for ftp data. Jan 16, 2018
Presets Rebuilt all official presets. Nov 15, 2018
Project iOS
Release Tool Updated release tool Dec 17, 2018
User Builder User auth tests and encryption builder Apr 7, 2018
Website Making merchant reference unique for gift copies. Mar 20, 2019
.gitmodules Better encryption for ftp data. Jan 16, 2018
Beacon iOS.xojo_project Officially started iOS version experimentation. Jun 30, 2017
Beacon.xojo_project Initial project commit Sep 13, 2016
Default Loot.beacon Updating default loot file for new map and difficulty requirements. Jul 8, 2017


Beacon is a server manager and config editor for the game Ark: Survival Evolved.

For details and support, see the official website at

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