A generator for yeoman to kickstart frontend for web projects with bootstrap, foundation, sass and assemble.
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A generator for yeoman to kickstart web projects frontend using bootstrap, foundation, sass and assemble.

During the installation you will be given a choice to kickstart a foundation, LESS based bootstrap or SASS based bootstrap project.

Getting started

  • Make sure you have installed yo: npm install -g yo and grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli.
  • If you plan to use Foundation or Bootstrap SASS, you will need SASS: gem install sass.
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-fe
  • Run: yo fe
  • Run: grunt server

You will need to use sudo on Mac for all npm -g and gem commands.

If you're getting an error that the port 35729 is taken, you probably have Live Reload App running. You can choose a different port for the current instance of the grunt livereload server, or for your Live Reload App,.


  • jshint
  • images
  • sprites generation (maybe)
  • html validation


MIT License