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Launch an external application from dired

dired-launch is a launcher for the Emacs dired-mode. In a nutshell, it lets you select a file and then launch an external application with that file.

Getting started

If MELPA is enabled as an Emacs package repository, it should be possible to install simply using M-x list-packages and selecting the dired-launch package for installation (i x).

Getting started without the Emacs package manager

  1. Download dired-launch.el.

  2. Load dired-launch.el. For example, you might add the following line to ~/.emacs:

    (load "/path/to/dired-launch.el")

  3. Ensure dired-launch is enabled in dired-mode:


Ensure dired-launch is configured as desired

Ensure the default launcher specified by dired-launch-default-launcher is the desired program. For example, one might specify xdg-open as the default launcher:

;; use xdg-open as the default launcher
(setq dired-launch-default-launcher '("xdg-open"))


  1. M-x dired

  2. Move the cursor to a file of interest

  3. Launch

    J (dired-launch-command) launches the file using the preferred application

    K (dired-launch-with-prompt-command) prompts for the application and then launches the file

Modifying the default keybindings

If you prefer different key bindings, consider modifying the defaults.

`(define-key dired-launch-mode-map (kbd "l") 'dired-launch-command)`

Changing the preferred application


Change the preferred (default) application for a given file type by invoking mimeopen with the '-d' flag:

   mimeopen -d myfile

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