VMOD Varnish utility module. Return hostname, test if a file exists, and so on.
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VMOD Varnish module utility

Function STRING hostname(PRIV_VCL)   # Return hostname
Function STRING timestamp()          # Return timestamp (%.9f)
Function REAL real(STRING, REAL)     # Convert a string into a REAL (double)
Function IP ip(STRING, IP)           # Convert a string into an IP
Function BOOL exists(STRING)         # Test presence of a file


Add varnish hostname to HTTP headers sent to backend :

import utils;
sub vcl_pass {
	set bereq.http.X-Varnish-Server = utils.hostname();

sub vcl_miss {
	set bereq.http.X-Varnish-Server = utils.hostname();

Measure performance between VCL code or VMOD calls :

import utils;
sub vcl_recv {
        std.log("t_prerecv:" + utils.timestamp());
        (..) a lot of VCL or VMOD (..)
        std.log("t_postrecv:" + utils.timestamp());

Do an action based on the presence of a file :

import utils;
sub vcl_recv {
        if (std.tolower(req.url) == "/health_check") {
                if (utils.exists("/etc/varnish/healthcheck_" + server.identity)) {
                        error 443 "Service not available";
                else {
                        error 440 "OK";

sub vcl_error {
        if (obj.status == 443) {
                set obj.status = 503;
                synthetic {"<body>0</body>"};
                return (deliver);
        else if (obj.status == 440) {
                set obj.status = 200;
                synthetic {"<body>1</body>"};
                return (deliver);


This module is compatible and useful for Varnish 3.x only. Most of these functions have been integrated to Varnish 4. See the migration table below:

Varnish 3.x libvmod-utils Varnish 4.x
utils.hostname() server.hostname
utils.timestamp("foobar") std.timestamp("foobar")
utils.real("42.1234", 0) std.real("42.1234", 0)
utils.ip(req.http.REMOTEADDRESS, client.ip) std.ip(req.http.REMOTEADDRESS, client.ip)
utils.exists("/etc/return_503") std.file_exists("/etc/return_503")


This document is licensed under BSD-2-Clause license. See LICENSE for details.

That code has been opened by (c) Thomson Reuters.