Tools for creating Cities Skylines assets with SketchUp
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This is a SketchUp extension for exporting FBX or Collada models to be used with Colossal Order's Cities: Skylines.

Cities: Skylines uses the Unity engine which require assets to have a flat model hierarchy. Unfortunately SketchUp's FBX exporter adds an extra node even if all the faces are in the root of the model.

This extension patches the exported FBX model by trying to remove the extra node.

It also checks the model for basic requirements before exporting as well as setting the FBX exporter required for the asset to be imported correctly.

Exported Collada files will import rotated and scaled. This extension will fix this during export.

Additionally it includes a tool to layout a grid to aid in the modelling process.

Beta Version

Note that this is a beta version and might fail to properly patch the exported model.


  • SketchUp Pro 2014 or newer
  • Windows or OS X

FBX Exporter Settings

  • Export only current selection: true
  • Triangulate all faces: true
  • Export two-sided faces: false
  • Separate disconnected faces: false
  • Export texture maps: false
  • Swap YZ coordinates (Y is up): true
  • Units: Centimeters

DAE Exporter Settings

Note: During export the Model will be scaled and rotated to fit the in-game needs!

  • Export two-sided faces: false
  • Export edges: false
  • Triangulate all faces: true
  • Export only current selection: true
  • Export Hidden Geometry: false
  • Preserve Component Hierarchies: false
  • Export Texture Maps: true
  • Preserve Credits: false


The wiki indicate that the units should be meters, however, exporting from SketchUp seem to require export units set to Centimetres. (It does not matter what your Model Info > Units settings are as long as you model 1:1 scale.)

It appear Unity do indeed use meters, but some exporters scale up by 100 by default. Unity's default import is therefore set to 0.01 which also appear to be the case with Cities: Skylines.

Style Guide

This project follows the GitHub Ruby styleguide.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.