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We are welcoming all kinds of contributions:

NB! For non-trivial contributions you should discuss your plan under a GitHub issue first to make sure your goals and means align with the vision of Thonny core team.

See the wiki for more info.

NB! If you want to contribute to Thonny but don't want to or can't register a GitHub account (for example because you are younger than 13 years), then get in touch and we'll find a way!

Code format

Thonny uses Black to keep code formatting consistent. Please format your code with black thonny before issuing a pull request. Format options are specified in pyproject.toml in the root of the repository and will be picked up from there by Black.

In recent PyDev versions you can select Black as your formatter (Preferences => PyDev => Editor => Code Style => Code Formatter) and make it run on each save (Preferences => PyDev => Editor => Save Actions). See Black's documentation about configuring other IDE-s.