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@aivarannamaa aivarannamaa released this Sep 6, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

This is a bug-fix release.


  • NEW: Add European Portuguese translation (by Emanuel Angelo)
  • NEW: Add Lithuanian translation (by Vytenis)
  • NEW: Add Ukrainian translation (by borpol)
  • FIXED #802: Avoid scary traceback on MicroPython disconnect
  • FIXED #840: Problems with file dialogs in macOS 10.15
  • FIXED #843: Make right-click select items in Files view in macOS
  • FIXED #845: Crash with older ESP plug-in
  • FIXED #851: Ignore warnings when exporting variables
  • FIXED #854: Make single instance mode work in multi-user systems
  • FIXED #855: Wrong coloring with paren matching
  • FIXED #859: Support relative paths when opening files with Thonny from command line
  • FIXED #874: Multiline strings break stepping focus background
  • FIXED: Dutch translation was inproperly set up
  • FIXED: Internal error in Object Inspector (by Emanuel Angelo)
  • FIXED: Problem with compacting user event logs
  • TECHNICAL: Make tests run with Python 3.8
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