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@aivarannamaa aivarannamaa released this Nov 3, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

3.2.3 together with short lived 3.2.2 are bug-fix releases.

Changes in 3.2.2 and 3.2.3:

  • NEW: ESP plug-in has been merged into main Thonny package
  • NEW: Greek translation (by Nikos)
  • UPDATE: Updated several translations (by Vytenis, rnLIKEm, Dleta, Alex ANDRÉ, NathanBnm, LionelVaux, Paul, Eric W, Frank Stengel, ...)
  • UPDATE: Propose opening files via dialog in case of macOS Catalina permission error (#813).
  • FIXED #219: Implement sending EOF / restart for CPython
  • FIXED #873: More robust color preference loading in Pi theme
  • FIXED #876: Don't step into comprehension calls
  • FIXED #897: Redo shortcut not working in Linux and Mac
  • FIXED #899: Can't set THONNY_USER_DIR in
  • FIXED #904: Don't show remote MicroPython dialogs when device is busy
  • FIXED #905: Problems with Thonny menu on Mac after closing a dialog
  • FIXED #911: Allow restoring default scaling factor
  • FIXED #921: Make MicroPython backend play nicer with device resets
  • FIXED #923: CircuitPython on Trinket m0 gives small int overflow when listing files
  • FIXED #925: Save or open problem with network paths
  • FIXED #927: Visual glitch / ghosting in Expression Box in macOS
  • FIXED #928: Tooltips stay on top in macOS
  • FIXED #929: Indicate dirty state in macOS close button
  • FIXED #933: Scaling doesn't work right for Treeviews (Files, Variables)
  • FIXED #934: Pad button captions for certain languages
  • FIXED #936: Problem uploading files to some STM boards
  • FIXED #939: More robust handling of different line endings
  • FIXED #943: Wrong syntax highlighting with triple quoted string
  • FIXED #946: Handle broken UTF-8 codepoints in MicroPython output
  • FIXED #951: Use standard tabstops for program output
  • FIXED #953: Allow running system commands with MP back-end
  • FIXED #957: Wrong encoding in multiprocessing output
  • FIXED #960: File browser is not working in replayer
  • FIXED #966: Thonny encounters "internal error" in programs calling exit()
  • FIXED #969: Provide nicer message, when MicroPython backend can't get to the REPL
  • FIXED: Don't apply theming to menu in macOS (menu items were dull with dark themes)


  • Windows: download and execute thonny-3.2.3.exe
  • macOs: download and open thonny-3.2.3.dmg and drag Thonny to Applications
  • Linux: download thonny-3.2.3.bash and execute it with Bash (bash thonny-3.2.3.bash)
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