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@aivarannamaa aivarannamaa released this Mar 11, 2020

This version has no new features and no bugfixes in Thonny's main code.

Build changes:

  • Skip some tests for newer jedi versions (required for Linux packaging)
  • Upgrade bundled Python version to 3.7.7
  • macOS bundle is now published as .pkg. Previously Thonny was distributed as dmg, but the new approach allows overcoming permission issues in Catalina.


NB! Windows installer is signed with new identity and you may receive a warning dialog from Defender until it gains more reputation. Just click "More info" and "Run anyway".

  • Windows: download and execute thonny-3.2.7.exe
  • macOs: download and open thonny-3.2.7.pkg and follow the instructions. NB! While using Thonny you may be asked for permission to use Desktop or Documents. Make sure you grant the permission, othewise Thonny can't work in that folder!
  • Linux: download thonny-3.2.7.bash and execute it with Bash (bash thonny-3.2.7.bash)
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