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Support Ukraine

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On 24th of February, Russian army under the command of Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, an independent country in Europe. The invasion was backed by a made-up story about the need to protect Russian-speaking population in Ukraine. The story was soon debunked by the Russian army itself by its bombing of the civilian districts in several cities with large Russian population.

Unable to break the resistance of Ukrainian army and population, Russian army resorted to terror. Between February 24th 2022 and January 10th 2023, Russian army is known to have killed over 6900 and injured over 11 000 civilians, not only by shelling civilian targets but even by intentionally shooting fleeing people, including children. The real number of casualties is unknown because the situation in several cities allows neither collecting nor counting the dead. There are hundreds of registered reports about Russian soldiers raping women an children in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been forcefully deported to Russia.

As of January 2023, several Ukrainian cities are being targeted by the Russian missiles and about 8 million Ukrainians have fled their country.

How can you help?

While the governments of several countries have sent different kinds of help to Ukraine, we as individuals also have responsibilities in front of Ukrainians, who fight not only for their own country but also for the rest of Europe. There are several options for supporting them:

Ukraine needs to win, as there can't be true peace without the victory.

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