Git-based deployment server written in PHP and based on the Giply project
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Giply-server is a git-based deployment server written in PHP. This script allows me to have a single domain (i.e. that I can use to manage POST deployments for all of my projects on the server.

There are some assumptions with the Giply-server:

  1. The server expects to be located in a the same parent ($parentDir) as the projects it manages (for instance, inside of /var/www).
  2. The server web root should be the included web directory.
  3. The server expects pretty URLs, in the format: action/projectName/securityHash.

    • The only actions supported at the moment are pull.
    • projectName is the name of the working directory (in your /var/www folder).
    • securityHash is by default a simple md5 hash of the string $parentDir/projectName. To provide your own security hash, you can add a hash object with the projectname as a key in your giply_config.json file:

      { "hash": {"mysite": "abc123456"}}

    So an example of a POST url for Bitbucket or Github for my server:

    The server script is built around projects that I have on Github and Bitbucket. Both of these providers POST to the server with a json string to the payload key. The server stores the JSON string in a file: giply_payload.json. This provides any of the post_exec scripts access to the payload data for processing.

  4. Any project that you want to have updated by Giply needs to have its Git repo initialized and origin added. Connecting to the repository using SSH means that you also need to make sure that the web user running Giply has the SSH key to connect to the server. As an example:

    sudo su www-data
    cd /var/www/mysite
    git init
    git remote add origin
    git pull origin master

    If you get an error pulling the origin, it probably means that the SSH key is missing or not approved to access the repo. However, if you can successfully pull the origin using your web user (like www-data), Giply-server should work fine.

To create a server

Note: There is an assumption here that you know how to set up Apache or Nginx for pretty URLs. I personally use Nginx for my projects, but even with Apache I like putting my rewrite rules in a vhost file over .htaccess. For that reason, I'm not including an .htaccess file in the web directory.

  1. To install, first just check out the code to the directory of your choice. I use something like /var/www/deploy.

    git init
    git remote add origin git://
    git pull origin master
  2. Run the install script using php self-update.php. Make sure that the user running this file has permission to write to this directory. When this process is done, you should have a new file call giply_config.json.

  3. Now, anytime you want to update to the latest version, just run:

    php self-update.php

To run the server from the command line

You can run the server from the command line:

php cli.php pull mysite