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This bunch of cool cats got together to form a little group called The Summit:

  • Sinatra
  • Docker
  • MariaDB
  • Git
  • Alpine
  • Thin


Summit is a Docker container for a Sinatra-based web app running Ruby 2.3 on top of Thin. It downloads a Git repository and installs any bundled dependencies in a Gemfile.

It's built on top of Alpine linux so it's small. An equivalent Ubuntu build was over twice the size. The current version comes with MariaDB preinstalled. In a future revision, you'll be able to define a list of additional Alpine packages to install. At that point MariaDB may instead become an optional install.


Environment variables

Pass the following environment variables when instantiating the docker container:


Base64 encoded SSH private key used to connect to your Git repository.


The URL of the git repository.


The branch to use (defaults to master if not passed).

Git repository

Your repository must include a file in the root of the project. You may also include a Gemfile or Gemfile.lock to install any Ruby dependencies.