Spectrum, exploring the gender continuum with deep learning
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exploring the gender continuum with deep learning

Videos are posted to the eXs youtube channel.

Notes for a new video

  • Download the video from the url youtube-dl URL
  • Convert the images, one per second mkdir out; avconv -r 4 -an -y "out/%04d.png" -i VIDEO.webm
  • Manually remove frames at the start and end that are not content
  • Identify the faces from the video python segment_faces.py videos/drag_queen/out/.
  • Use the CNN model to label each image python predict_images.py image_processed/videos/drag_queen/out/. Data is saved in the results folder.
  • Generate the animation python render_animations.py drag_queen
  • Update the video sources in this README.
  • Upload to youtube and fill out the sources template.


Tools and assests for the Spectrum project. Model was trained off images from IMDB-WIKI dataset. Code was adapted from BoyuanJiang from the the paper, Deep Expectation of Real and Apparent Age from a Single Image Without Facial Landmarks.

Video sources

Drag Queens

Drag Kings


Install notes