Transforms extended Markdown into reveal.js compatible slides
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python tool to convert extended markdown to reveal.js. make demo builds a reveal.js version of this text.

slide control

====  horizontal slide
====* vertical slide
====+ slide pause
==== [name] named slide, useful for linking
====* <<transistion:none>> custom slide transistions

text formatting

#      h1     (headers) 
##     h2     (headers) etc for h6
*text* strong (bold)
_text_ emph   (italics)
$LaTeX$ LaTeX rendered to SVG
       four spaces or \t is a code block


!(image src)[optional image link] <<options>>

Image options can be combined with a semicolon, all options listed below

!(foo.svg) <<width:400; height:200; transparent>>


[link text](link src)

Reference footnotes

&& Footnote text